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How to lose weight with safe healthy method

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How to lose weight with safe healthy method Lose Weight – Reducing fat is a long term process, there are many problems that require employers to be very rhythmic combination of exercise, diet and daily habits. You should not rush to adopt a crash diet, fast – this is not only counterproductive but also can affect your health. Safe way to lose weight but also very effective as it will help you lose at least 0.5 kg in one month that maintains health.

Lose Weight With Doing Exercise regularly

Exercise plays a very important role to burn fat in the body, It helps tone muscles. So you should increase walking, taking advantage of athletes at all times but remember that depending on your health. A simple method that anyone can do is walk properly. Every day you should spend for at least 30 minutes in the morning to walk with minimum speed of 9km/h. Be positive movement in everydayin  life such as working, cycling, using stairs , workout,…

Lose weight by doing exercise regular

You should also take 30 minutes for exercise in the late afternoon with the last campaign that matches the body, with fat body you had better take more powerful set of subjects which mobilize long run such as playing badminton, rapid cycling, basketball, soccer line; physical medium you choose to mobilize average running slowly, slow cycling, fitness; physically weak but fat body should only take mild exercise such as walking, air, extremes right … In addition to regular exercise every day, let your body archive more energy consumption in recreational activities such as laughing, running, drinking lots of water . Please increase the intensity and density of exercise to feel the excitement and high effective.

Lose Weight With Eating habits

Let’s cut the calories in all cases, but absolutely do not skip breakfast: people who eat breakfast every day can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes from 35 to 50% compared with those who eat for breakfast in a week.

When waking up after a long sleep, metabolic process needs to be started with a balanced breakfast. Moreover, this diet will help you not exhausted when to 10:30. According to analysic, people should eat 6 small meals a day to maintain the metabolic process at a stable level. And one must start a new day with breakfast. However, it can not be considered a piece of smoked bacon and an egg is a breakfast. Balanced diet should include food from a variety of groups: bread and cereal, milk, fruit and vegetables, meat.

Avoid five types of starch-rich foods such as rice, sticky rice, bread, potatoes, sugar. You should prioritize rich grains in fiber but low in calories in meals such as porridge, wet bread, cooked pasta … Eat more fruits, vegetables, just drink enough water, mineral salts, vitamins, not afraid with more calories. Vegetables need more amount of fruit. Vegetables are a good source of iron, vitamins and minerals are substances that help prevent the risk of hypertension, heart disease, blood fat.

Lose weight with eating habits

A nutrition researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, said that people who eat late usually do not digest food when they go to sleep,Moreover, the number of times during the day and lunch habits out or bring food from home can also affect weight loss. However, scientists have emphasized the importance of the distribution of calories throughout the day. According to them, it is best that people should focus on breakfast and lunch, while only eat light at dinner.

In addition, the vitamins and minerals of natural origin is always better than artificial origin provided through drug form. You need to limit the amount of salt, including products that contain salt such as bread and canned food … The canned foods, smoked and processed meats such as sausage, rolls, sausage, pate … day after day. Do not drink beer, wine and aerated drinks. Drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 – 2 liters per day. Water has filled the stomach and it makes you not feel hungry, and helping the body detoxification and fat burning. Drink tea regularly, because a lot of tea has a cooling effect, sedation and disinfection. Drinking tea also makes you less appetite. The food you should eat in the diet are garlic, eggs, tea, seafood, soup, fruit …

You need to keep in mind when using these types of food and drink:

– Fruit: Types of bottled water containing a lot of sugar and calories. So, you should choose 100% fruit juice, especially with added calcium and vitamins. Fresh fruit is the best because it contains more fiber.

– Coffee: A cup in the morning can bring less power, but this is only true if you do not add sugar and cream.

– Cut the cake you eat half and save half for dinner later. A large amount of refined carbohydrates in baked goods can cause blood sugar to rise, pulling rice crave sweets.

Lose Weight With Good Habits

A lot of good habits will help you control your weight. It is the habit of brushing your teeth after every meal. Here is not simply oral hygiene but also measures to reduce appetite. If there is no conditions to brush after every meal, you can use water spray peppermint smell for mouth. It is known  good way to forget the hunger. Do not eat snack after dinner, if you reach late at night while eating dinner, you still feel hungry, drink non-sugar or low-calorie drinks such as pure water or juice. Brush your teeth after meals is one effective way to reduce the temptation of food.

Lose weight with good habits

Do not always attributed to the stomach hunger until the boil. A light meal will also need to consider carefully whether you are really hungry or not. Also, you want to lose weight you need to find ways to reduce stress: state of fatigue and mental stress, stress can cause you to not control the amount of food taken into the body and therefore, can make a plan for your weight loss dissipate. And final note please be sure you are not very impatient and want to give up halfway. Remember, any slimming method also takes time.

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