How to lose weight without being on a diet

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7 lose weight tips

You are pretty much overweight? To lose weight effectively, you need to pay attention to adjust diet, exercise reasonably. You should not arbitrarily take weight loss pills, because most drugs can only reduce the rate and will quickly gain weight back. You should see your doctor for advice on a diet and reasonable exercise. There are diets that have been applied but they all seem too difficult for you. So let’s try the following tips:

Lose weight

Lose weight tip #1 – The timing of meals

Duration of each meal should be within 20 minutes and you should try to eat slowly. This is one of the leading practices to be included in a diet plan without any hassles.

Leisurely bite pieces until the alarm take notification all mealtimes. The food needs to be broken down to create more and feeling compelled to eat slowly.

Lose weight tip #2 – More sleep, less weight gaining

A diet with regular fasting or excessive exercise is also not good for health. Please enhance regular maintenance habits weight loss benefit will help you always keep shape and good health. Spending 1 hour each night will help reduce up to 6kg each year, according to University of Michigan researchers. Because sleeping is synonymous with doing nothing and this helps the body’s calorie consumption by 6%. Weight loss results because sleep is different in each person, but sleep will definitely help you lose weight.

There was evidence that sleeping is too little to increased appetite and body can not hold up their hunger.

Lose weight tip #3 – Eat more vegetables to eat more

eat more vvegetables for lossing weightServed three vegetables at dinner instead of just one item and you will find yourself eating more vegetables; you would not need to try. Eat more vegetables and fruits would be a great way to lose weight. Amount of fiber and water are rich in fruits and vegetables will make you satisfied without being imposed too many calories.

Note: processing vegetables do not add grease. Use lemon juice and herbs rather than the sauces available. Especially honey lemonade:

A small note for you when using this method:

– You should split prolonged weight loss rather than a round that can be a month apart.

– When you lose weight as you want, if you want to increase the weight, each day you should maintain regular 1 cup of lemon juice mixed with honey.

– If you have diabetes, you should be careful when using honey. Because honey contains a large amount of sugar, so if want to apply this method in the long run, please ask your doctor in advanced.

Lemon juice mixed with honey not only helps you lose weight but also help you have a smooth skin and anti-inflammatory throat too. Give it a try.

Lose weight tip #4 – Eat whole grains

Whole grains such as sticky rice bran, wheat, barley … will support weight loss through low calorie and improve blood cholesterol levels.

In fact, weight loss methods with brown rice, sesame salt (also known as brown rice, sesame) are derived from Japan, called the method of Ohsawa . In this way, just use brown rice and sesame salt instead of other foods every day in order to lose weight.

Brown rice is a whole grain retains membrane rich in fiber, protein, B vitamins, and zinc; iron … acid and a number of benefits for the body. In addition, sesame seed protein and starch, abundant energy supply. In addition, it contains unsaturated fats are good for the cardiovascular system.

The high fiber content of rice, plus the unsaturated fatty acid in sesame salt will make people eat to feel full longer, reduce junk food cravings, so it can help you lose weight. However, this measure still has some “rule” that not everyone is paying attention to.

My advice to you:

The application of the method to lose weight by eating should always be considered. It is best to use a combination of foods such as brown rice, sesame salt in combination with other foods, to ensure the necessary nutrients for the body, especially to the young people need to eat enough to detect comprehensive development.

Especially, if you suffer from heart, liver, kidney, you should consult your doctor or dietitian before weight loss!

Lose weight tip #5 – Remove bacon from the diet

Simply because two thin pieces of bacon contains 100 calories, leaving you up to 4.5 kilo within 1 year. Many people worry that the smoke bacon may contain substances harmful to the body. It is true that in smoked products have some kind of phenols and baldheads harmful, but the amount outstanding on a few products. On the other hand, we will participate in the reaction leading to mitigate or annihilate toxicity. Such formaldehyde when combined with protit born the original methylene compounds are non-toxic, phenol oxidation in the body, self-detoxification…

Lose weight tip #6 – Alternative drinking water

Instead of sugary drinks like soda, always prepared drinks calories, so you will avoid intake of 10 tablespoons of sugar (sugar every day, you can be up to 1.5 kilograms in a weeks). You can add lemon, mint or strawberries for their delicious drinks, much less one.

Note: Drinking water is a routine, little attention has been paid to but we do not know: drinking properly will help beat the disease.

after exercise, the body temperature increases, a large amount of sweat to escape, causing feelings of fatigue. The best way to protect emergency and the body then drink small sips of water. Water can regulate blood cell transfering and in dissolved nutrients, provide energy for the body, dissipate heat and regulate body temperature, increased stamina for the body.

Note: while mobilizing additional hydrophobic water in a continuous and too many, such an instant steam 2 cups cold water, as this will increase the burden on the heart.

Lose weight tip #7 – Limit alcohol & Drinking green tea

green tea for fat lossWhen forced to attend a certain party and be sure to drink, or to drink non-alcoholic beverages and low-calorie. By doing so, you will not be made confused before drinking alcohol.

Components of green tea

Green tea is known as a nutritious drink, providing a significant source of nutrients. Green tea leaves contain most of the vitamins, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, PP, especially vitamin C. Vitamin C in green tea 3-4 times more than oranges and lemons.

Drinking green tea is one of the effective ways to lose weight. Many studies show that it may promote energy expenditure through physical activity catechin. Moreover, these beverages do not contain many calories.

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